ENPC Provider

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ENPC Provider

The Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course is a two-day program designed to provide core-level pediatric knowledge and psychomotor skills needed to care for pediatric patients in the emergency setting. The course presents a systematic assessment model, integrates the associated anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, and identifies appropriate interventions. Triage categorization and prevention strategies are included in the course content. ENPC is taught using a variety of formats, including lectures, videotapes and includes skill stations that encourage participants to integrate their psychomotor abilities into a patient situation in a risk-free setting.

You MUST have a book in hand 30 days prior to the schedueld class and we have to close enrollments 30 days ahead, too. No more “squeezing anyone in” at the last minute can be allowed.
 ENPC books must be 5th Edition
 There are pre-course modules that must be done in advance and completion certificates must be brought to the instructor-led class.
 You are required to go back online within 1 week after the instructor-led class and take your exams. Cards will no longer be issued by the instructor at the class because of this.
 Because of the intensity of the course, please do not enroll if you’re not sure you can attend, and/or won’t have time to study and complete the pre-course work.
 Ideal student experiences rely on a full turnout in the small class size of four. Because of these dynamics, late cancelation/no-shows may result in fees being charged to you or your Ardent cost center (internal employees). External customers that pay in advance will not receive full refunds for cancelations with less than 48 hours’ notice.

Contact Hours or Certification Received: 15.33 CECH hours


Successful course completion measured through written exam and satisfactory skill performance. Course completion cards awarded for successful completion.


Intended Audience - ENPC may be attended by registered nurses. Other health care providers may attend the course as observers, however cannot participate in the competency exams on the last day and are not eligible for the course completion card. In order to maximize success in the ENPC, it’s recommended that the participant have at least 6 months of clinical nursing experience in an emergency care setting. The course participant must have generic nursing knowledge, has an understanding of emergency care terminology, and has familiarity with standard emergency equipment.