Moderate Sedation


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This class examines several key points essential to performing moderate sedation on adult and pediatric patients: Pre-, intra- and post-procedure assessment and monitoring, airway assessment, necessary equipment, drug and reversal medication used including doses, precautions and side effects, cardiac dysrhythmias recognition, as well as preparation for an unexpected crisis. Teaching methods include completing assigned powerpoint lecture courses prior to class, interactive hands on moderate sedation documentation lab with group discussion and interactive hands on education checkoff and discussion of rapid sequence intubation.


  • Must bring to class unexpired BLS card
  • Must bring to class unexpired ACLS or PALS card
  • Complete and bring assigned swank certificates to class.

Successful course completion is two part and measured as follows:

  1. Presenting BLS/ACLS/PALS cards at beginning of class, presenting completed swank certificates,and attending and completing the hands on moderate sedation documentation lab and rapid sequence intubation check off.
  2. Completing one to three preceptor guided moderate sedation checkoffs on actual patients (depending on area worked) and returning the completed validation form back to education (after successful checkoffs) to obtain your certificate.

Intended Audience - Physicians and nurses performing or assisting with moderate sedation.