Click here for course requirements - MUST READ

Intended Audience: Physicians, Licensed Nurses, Midwives, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, EMTs, and Paramedics.

  1. **Participants must successfully complete the online NRP exam prior to attending class
  2. Obtain the NRP provider manual prior to taking the online exam
  3. Successful completion of ALL lessons is required
  4. Log onto SWANK:
  5. Go to Course List or Course Assignment
  6. Under Hillcrest NRP Training
  7. The course name "NRP Training" will be displayed
  8. Click View Course to link to HealthStream’s Learning Center Website
  9. Go to My Profile
  10. Enter discipline and licensure information to obtain CE’s
  11. Complete the online Evaluation
  12. Click NRP Online Exam and follow instructions to complete ALL lessons